Standard Products & Services

Standard Products & Services

The purpose of this section is to describe the deliverables from Company to Member covered by the annual UK Hub Service membership fee. Additional Services, as outlined in “Additional Products & Services” section of this website can be requested by Member for which a separate Scope will be defined.

Management Services

Company will manage and operate the UK Hub Service as outlined in this Agreement for all membership companies and their product suppliers. The Service also include sales, marketing and promotion to relevant UK oil & gas industry parties and bodies.

Member Onboarding Program

As part of becoming a Member of the UK Hub Service, an onboarding program will be provided by Company to Member. The purpose of program is to prepare and secure optimal benefits from the UK Hub Service for Member. The onboarding program consist of the following activities and deliverables:    


Member participation/contribution



Introduction to the UK Hub Service

Member representatives

Webinar organized by Company following the entry of membership agreement  

Understanding of how the UK Hub Service is intended to work and awareness on where to find and use training material and tutorials  

User management


Input / management from client’s main contact

User portal managed in accordance with Member preference

User access established

Material master analysis

(equipment/product information analysis)

Delivery of Material Master data extract to Company

Analysis Service to assess status of Member’s data against UK Hub Service and industry standard requirements

Material Master analysis report

Information delivery


Member Material Master administrators and IT organization

Delivery of material master data/documents according to UK Hub Service and industry standards requirements

Access to and use of UK Hub Service data/documentation from Member Systems

Single Sign On configuration

Member IT organization

Single Sign On to be configured from relevant member system

Seamless login to UK Hub from Member Systems

Training & Webinars

Training is aimed at the different UK Hub Service user groups and will be designed to support the typical user cases for each group. The outlined training is available for Member, his Services Providers and Suppliers.  

User group



Introduction to the UK Hub Service

Online (video, tutorial)

On demand

The UK Hub Service Content 

Online (video, tutorial)

On demand

Information Verification in UK Hub

Online (video, tutorial)

On demand

Using the information in UK Hub

Online (video, tutorial)

On demand

Adding information to UK Hub

Online (video, tutorial)

On demand

Meet the UK Hub Service team (Q&A)


Scheduled at regular intervals as necessary.

Help desk

Company will provide a service desk support to Member, his Service Providers and product suppliers.

  • Manned telephone support during the hours of 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. (UK time) Monday through Friday, excluding relevant public holidays/
  • After-hour answering service and mail service to record and receive inquiries. Receipt of such inquiries will be acknowledged within one (1) business day from receipt.

See “Supported Product & Service Levels” section of this website for further details.

RDL (class library) management and support

The information in the UK Hub Service will be based on common industry standards which will allow Member to benefit from the efforts put into and benefits from these standards. The RDL Support will handle requests from the UK Hub Service user community for new classes or updates of existing classes. Updates and maintenance of the RDL will be performed according to RDL guidelines for the UK Hub Service which also include regular alignment with the used industry standard(s).


Verification of product information against the UK Hub Service information requirements will be performed for products in the UK Hub Service actively being used by Member. Such verification is to be performed within 5 working days after being received by the UK Hub Service for verification. Verification of Member specific Frame/Preferred supplier agreements, Capital Development projects and general Supplier/Manufacturer catalogue is not included in this common industry verification service. These latter activities can be provided as a member specific service.    

UK Hub Service development

To secure alignment for the UK Hub Service with industry needs, Company will set up industry forums and invite relevant Member participants to these forums. The intent is to use the outcome from these forums to further develop and increase value of the UK Hub Service as well as presenting new capabilities.

Additional Products & Services

As referenced above, other Services as outlined in “Additional Products & Services” section of this website can be requested by Member. Company will on such request propose a Scope based on the prices in this Agreement for Member’s approval. The Services in such a Scope is not included in the Membership fee and will be separately payable.