Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The following service level targets are included in the Membership fee payable for the UK Hub Service. The success of delivering these services and targets depends on the ability to measure performance comprehensively and accurately so that credible and reliable information can be provided to Members on the service provided. Service level monitoring will be performed by Company and reports can be produced monthly if requested by Member.

Supported Product & Service Levels (Standard Products & Services)

The UK Hub Service is a 24-hour x 7-days a week hosted solution with the following infrastructure capabilities and features:

  • The UK Hub Service has 24/7 phone and email service where incidents can be reported, as described in the UK Hub Service Support Agreement (ref. below).
  • Product support services, like user access/password issue or request for information, is not covered by this agreement. This is part of defined scope of work for the individual contract and/or client.
  • Test environment is an extra service and not included in 24/7 incident reporting or target uptime.
  • Internet Communication:
    • Redundant fiber access with top-level SLA
  • Operation:
    • Servers are hosted in a safe operating environment with IDS, access control, fire protection, and cooling. The local hosting provides diesel-powered generator UPS (back-up power) with controlled shutdown for all critical servers.
    • Features, regardless of local hosting or Microsoft Azure hosting, include:
    • Redundant setup of key elements of the services (web servers, databases, file storage/disks, application servers, firewalls, etc.)
    • Automated monitoring of capacity usage
    • Virtual environment for all critical servers enabling cloning and restore of entire servers
    • IT operations provider is compliant with ISO 27001 Information Security standard
    • Operational maintenance is performed at fixed intervals, currently scheduled for every second Saturday of the month.
  • Backup procedures:
    • Daily backup of all volumes both for data and software
    • Secure storage of all backup volumes in different physical and geographical location
    • Disaster recovery through warm site on separate geographical location

Target uptime for The UK Hub Service is 98.5 %. The Company strives to maintain a 98.5% service uptime. This uptime percentage is a monthly figure, and is calculated solely by the Company’s monitoring. Downtime is defined as when services are unavailable due to issues with the Company’s servers and/or infrastructure within the Company’s control.

Operational Contact Information

Single point of Contact is Member Support – contact information is described in The UK Hub Service Support Service Agreement below.

Service Restoration

Reports will be started according to the following table:

Inquiry  Type

Service Restoration*

Primary Target

Service Restoration*

Secondary Target

Incident Resolution**
P1 – Fatal – Major and/or Security Incidents. Significant disruption in service quality and availability for major services. 90% within 4 Hours 100% within 1 business day*** Within 30 business days***
P2 – Severe – Significant disruption in service quality and availability for a subset of our services or outside of peak hours. 90% within 1 business day *** 100% within 2 business days *** Within 90 business days***
P3 – Degraded Operation – Minor Incidents. Disruption in service quality and availability for a subset of our services with limited impact for Customer and users. 90% within 20 business days *** 100% within 30 business days *** Within 90 business days***
P4 – Low Priority Incident – Incident which has little or no significant impact on the business. Low impact & low urgency. 90% within 30 business days *** 100 % within 60 business days *** To be determined based on priority from Change Management Process.

*Service Restoration: A fix or a workaround that enables the users to continue working until an official fix is in place. Performed according to ITIL Incident Management

**Incident Resolution: Final fix that permanently resolves an identified problem, and is released as an upgrade/new release of the software. Could require Problem Management and/or Change Management.

*** Business day:  Regional official working day of the week.

All reported Incidents to contacts listed are analysed and will, where necessary, be transferred to Problem Management to find the root cause, minimize impact of recurring incidents and find manual workarounds and permanent fixes.

All Major and Security Incidents are coordinated by Incident Manager and, if need be, escalated to our Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT), IT Operations Manager, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and other relevant stakeholders to ensure the full capability of the organisation is brought to bear on resolving the problem.

Support / Service request

The Support/Services requests and support levels included in the membership fees are outlined below.

Request Type:

Support Level:

08:00 -15:00 GMT

Monday – Friday*

Access Administration:

-New companies

-User account administration

-Company-Manufacturer permissions

-Company-Company permissions

80% processed within next working day **

User requests:

-Request for Information

-Request for general support

-Login/password problems

– Password reset

80% processed within next working day **

Supplier support:

-class definitions and use

-document or data change requirements


80% processed within next working day **

RDL administration:

-add/change manufacturer

-new equipment class

-change in data/document requirements


80% processed within next working day **
Verification of product information 95% processed within 5 working days**

Training support

-guide and reference users to the online training videos

80% processed within next working day **

*excluding applicable holidays

** resolution time when sufficient information is provided by user to fulfil service request

Change requests

Help Desk is to be contacted for all Change Requests who will register these for follow up as outlined in the support model work process shown above.

Contact information

  • Users are able to contact the Help Desk via email and telephone.
  • The Single Point of Contact for all requests is through the email address:
  • All requests sent to Help Desk are captured and given a unique ticket numbers for logging and processing.
  • Customer Support Phone number: +47 55 11 98 28