The UK Hub has been designed to create business efficiencies and significant cost savings surrounding the collection, validation, maintenance and distribution of standard supplier technical information in the UKCS Oil and Gas Industry. The data and documents you collect from suppliers will be defined by an Industry standard RDL (reference data library) which will allow suppliers to submit data and documents to the hub once, where it will be validated, maintained and made available to all purchasing companies.

It has been clearly demonstrated that the duplication of effort in continually collecting the same information and validation processes inside purchasing companies, cost millions across the industry each year in man hours, to both you and your supply chain. The unique identification of equipment will also enable you to view inventory and spare parts effectively across your business, incorrect identification of equipment and the associated excess inventory again cost the industry millions of pounds per year.

The hub is designed to collect standard equipment information, which will be shared across the industry, engineered equipment or equipment that has Intellectual property rights will not be shared but can still be collected by your company.

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