What are the benefits for my organisation using the UK Hub?

A comprehensive overview is contained in the appended documentation to this corporate folder. From a top-level perspective, the core benefit is to drive business efficiencies through standardisation and collaboration.

We are in a position where we have agreement – in conjunction with the OGTC – between operators, contractors and suppliers to implement this collaborative solution to the benefit of the entire Industry. The UK hub will be the first shared information environment – managed by a steering group led by industry experts – to receive this level of support and which will provide this level of benefit to the industry.

The core deliverable from UK Hub is to collect, maintain and distribute standardized, quality assured and reusable supplier information for equipment and parts. Having this information available in a single repository will provide significant value for the UKCS Oil and Gas industry and all participants in the supply chain.

The industry today suffers from incomplete, unstructured and non-standardized supplier information which limits the ability to gain efficiency from digitalization. Drawing a line in the sand today is the critical first step to ensuring the situation industry-wide in 2-3 years’ time is significantly improved.

The UK Hub solution aligns to the industry standard CIFHOS and RDL (reference data library) – reviewed, updated & agreed upon by the industry. From an operational perspective, the UK Hub will also have the capacity via APIs to plug in to existing systems –  this will aid ongoing, streamlined asset management throughout an asset’s lifecycle.

Will the data shared to the Hub be secure?

The vast majority of data stored and shared on the UK Hub will be generic technical supplier information which is in the public domain and will be available to all participants – structured across the board according to the industry standard CIFHOS and RDL. Each verified item will be given a unique identifier (TEK no) in the UK Hub.

What about equipment for which we hold the intellectual property rights – is it shared to the Hub as well?

Any information collected on behalf of a participant that has IPR such as an assembly, will be held in a silo and shared only between the owner of the information and the companies who are awarded access. Each verified item will be given a unique identifier (SPC no) in the UK Hub.

Will my competitors be able to access my data?

The core principle of the UK Hub is to standardise and collaborate; the more participants sharing information, the greater the rewards in business efficiencies for all. There is no competitive advantage which can be gained by any one company.

How do I get my data out if I pull out of the Hub?

As a participant you will have access to all data and documents held in the Hub, if you wish to move any or all relevant data into another system, that is acceptable, however the data will remain visible in the Hub. An individual supplier record belongs to the supplier or manufacturer.

The mechanism for collecting, validating and maintaining the records and the aggregation of records belong to the UK Hub steering group. The UK Hub is a “By the industry for the industry” not for profit initiative.

My product spec is changing – how is this information updated?

Specifications change constantly and as each piece of equipment is procured, changes, updates or deletions will be captured. However, an audit trail will be kept and access to all previous information will be available as companies will require the latest equipment information but that may not reflect the equipment still in place on your asset. So access to documents such as drawings and spare parts lists for this equipment must also be maintained.

How much does it cost to register with the Hub?

The price for access to the Hub is currently being reviewed by the industry steering group, when available this will be published. The Hub is a not for profit organisation and will operate using open book accounting – any participant will have access to published accounts.

What is the current level of industry participation in the UK Hub

The Sharecat Technology upon which the UK Hub is formed has been developed over a 20-year period with the objective to collect, validate, maintain and distribute supplier information. The innovation of UK hub will be to utilize this technology and supporting services to build the collaborative industry owned platform.

While the core technology is complete, effort is now required to fully meet the requirement of the UKCS collaboration including the deployment and use of the CFIHOS industry standard. The current solution contains necessary functionality to serve as a technical information repository.

Members of the supply chain have been engaged regarding the solution and feedback is overwhelmingly positive – nevertheless, much of the next phase will be reliant upon Operators and EPCs helping to drive (both internally and externally) utilisation of the UK Hub solution.

If suppliers provide technical information, are they expected to pay a fee?

At the outset, from a supply chain perspective when end clients request submission of technical equipment data via the UK Hub, members of the supply chain will not be required to pay a fee to either access the UK Hub, or to submit documentation.

Longer-term – subject to guidance & confirmation from the UK Hub steering group – an annual subscription fee will be requested to allow bulk upload of a vendor catalogue to the UK Hub, whereby the UK Hub would increase a supplier’s potential sales through visibility of their products, as well as reducing their delivery costs to the benefit of the entire industry.