Additional Products & Services

Additional Products & Services


The purpose of this section is to describe Services not included in the membership fee which can be provided by Company to support a successful implementation and use of the UK Hub Service for Member. Any agreed Services will be performed according to a “Scope of Work” approved by Member. Such agreed additional Services are priced upon application


Company can customize has training programs beyond the Onboarding Program which can be provided on request from Member.

Product Information entry

Company can – for Member, Member’s Service Providers or Member’s product suppliers – provide a Service to register product information in the UK Hub Service.


Company can provide a Service to verify product information against UK Hub Service information requirements for products being registered in the UK Hub Service which is not included in the standard verification service included in the membership fee. Examples of this are verification of Member specific frame/preferred supplier agreements, Capital Development projects and/or general Supplier/Manufacturer catalogues.   

System Integration

To satisfy needs of Member Company can offer development of specific interfaces, beyond the standard API, for integration between the UK Hub Service and the Member’s IT systems.  

Implementation Support

Company can provide custom Services to assist Member in the effort of optimising information management processes after being onboarded to the UK Hub Service. 

Functional development  

Company can provide a Service to develop and/or enhance functionality on request from Member. Such requested functionality needs to be assessed against industry requirements before being initiated.  

Standardization support

The information in the UK Hub Service will be based on common industry standards. Company can provide advisory services to fully understand these standards and how they can be implemented and used by Members, their Service providers and Suppliers.

Data analysis and improvements  

Based on the initial onboarding data analysis Company can provide a more extensive in depth data analysis and improvement of relevant Member data to improve its quality and align them with the used industry standards.

Other Services  

Upon agreement between Member and Company other requested Services may be provided by Company. These are to be agreed on a case by case basis.