The UK Hub Digital Data Exchange (UK Hub) has been created to digitally transform Asset Equipment Information Management for the UK Oil and Gas industry by creating a “single source of truth.”

With technical development led by Sharecat Solutions, the UK Hub will operate by the industry, for the industry as a not for profit organisation governed by a steering group represented by industry leadership.

Journey To Date

The UK Hub is the result of over two years of effort from multiple participating associations and industry partners, alongside extensive engagement with all levels of the supply chain.

The concept stems from a cost sustainability study that clearly shows collaboration and standardisation to be key components in future-proofing the life of the UK oil and gas industry. Industrialisation of this concept has recently been completed in 2019.

Participants in the UK Hub can now proactively work together to collect, validate, maintain and share information on technical equipment information just once, thereby avoiding duplication of effort and time-consuming repetition of data-sharing throughout the lifecycle of their assets.

A critical component of the UK Hub’s finalised product is compatibility via APIs with existing software commonly used throughout the industry.

Digital Data Exchange